Thursday, November 24, 2011

really really a long time.

for a long time i have not blogging yeah.seriously a long time.haha i'm just missing blogging and far my life was good :) everything was fine but now i'm still have to face SPM examination.dear,i'm seventeen right now kayyy! haha feel weird or maybe worry much because i will gonna move to another level of my life.the bigger part than this one.i will survive alone MAYBE.and i will make a new friends here and there :) and improved my conversation in english too!i really really have to take a move to make it better.

enough for mukaddimah i think.haha now i am more thinking about my future.

"what i am going to do after exam?"

"what courses i wanna choose in university?"

"which university i wanna apply?"

"what i have to do as a first step?"

"how am i going to do that?"

DAMN so much thing okayyy.i just need help.i just need a guide.i'm lucky because i get a mom and dad that always help me and being around with me.i think i dont have to worry much kot kan?hee biasa lah tu.the first thing in your life kan.hee

oh i think you have left much story of mine kan kan.haha we are still in november so i wanna tell you from the beginning of nov until this end of nov.gila cepat masa berlalu kannnn :( 

eh kejap.i wanna tell you relationship now have reached 2 years and i month :) haha haritu pergi celebrate dekat garden alamanda jeeewww.haha that was fun and as always i always happy with him :) tak pernah tak gelak when with him.he knows how to make me smile :) hee

hikhikhikhikhikhik laplapyou.

the hofodohfoh  faces :O

He is the best thing i have in my life ever :)

The presence that i gave to him.

May Allah Bless me and him and achieve what we want :) insyaAllah.

Ans on 21st november that is my birthday but i'm not celebrate it much sgt sbb tnga exam kan so tak dapat nak hooray hooray sgt.haha poor me but i'm still happy because that is the first time birthday dpat jumpa kawan kawan dekat sekolah smua.kalau tak before ni when my birthday comes mesti dah school holiday kannn.haha kay sedih kannnn.haha tapi pergi jugak lah makan dengan my mom dekat austin steakk :D wuuuu not bad lah biasa je.

i tried thier black pepper steak and my mom just order garlic bread and mushroom soup sebab dia ckp dia dah kenyang lah and stuff.but i was fun jugak :) oh and on my birthday tu jgak lah yg our team harimau Malaya menang dengan Garuda Indonesian tuhhh.haha i was so proud.that was the best presence ever.hikhik and now i am seventeen foreverrr :D :D 

The last thing,wish me best of luck in SPM and pray for me for getting a flying colours yeah!i really really hope soo ! :)